Plant Operation

ethanol plant For decades The Andersons has been managing and operating its own grain terminals, processing plants and feed mills and is adapting this experience to its ethanol investments.

Our Plant Operation Capabilites include:

  • On-site construction management
  • Experienced team dedicated to facility management and highest level of safety
  • Environmental resources provided by professional full-time Lab Managers from The Andersons
  • Operate with state-of-the-art technology

As Manager and service provider for each ethanol plant, The Andersons will:

  • Provide day-to-day management of the operation of the ethanol plant, including the production of ethanol.
  • Evaluate supply, demand, price, transportation and logistics factors and efficiently manage and optimize corn, DDGs, ethanol and other commodity-related business functions.
  • Manage the quality of the feedstock and co-products.
  • Minimize costs and maximize revenues as commercially reasonable.
  • Provide customer service for the plant.
  • Evaluate and deploy new technology and capital improvements.

The Andersons has a tradition of excellence in its plant operations and we provide customized management to meet the needs of our customers.

Corn Origination

The Andersons has been buying corn from American farmers for more than 60 years, so we know that cash grain value involves more than price. Logistics, space, spreads, credit, and execution are all significant factors in sourcing corn for an ethanol plant. We will ensure your plant is supplied with value-priced corn by means of our professional originations and comprehensive risk management service. We provide the best balance between corn and ethanol producers. Our corn customers receive fair and flexible pricing options and our ethanol partners can depend on a continuous dependable supply of corn.

Ethanol Marketing

ethanol plantEthanol isn't new, but the demand for ethanol is rapidly growing. Our staff of merchants is familiar with the volatility associated with the commodity market and is actively trading ethanol.

With our established relationships in the petroleum and ethanol markets, we provide an added value to our customers through a risk management strategy along with an aggressive ethanol marketing program.

The Andersons' experience in trading, rail transportation, commodity marketing, and risk management helps ensure profitability along with a strong relationship that provides a complete management package for your ethanol business.

Please contact Mark Simmons, 913-748-3051 or email Mark at for further details.

Risk Management

The Andersons Ethanol Division wants to be your partner in managing risk. Our objective is to create a comprehensive risk management program designed specifically to help minimize your risk and maximize profits for your ethanol business.

  • Grain Originations Risk. We can help to minimize cost, manage logistics, and assure reliable product delivery to optimize your operational expenses related to corn procurement
  • Market Price Risk. Our price discovery, graphic modeling tools, cash grain expertise, and risk transfer execution give you the means to objectively manage risk.
  • Operational Risk. Our practical grain originations capability provides an assured, flexible flow of your #1 production input-corn.
  • Back Office Risk. Our proprietary grain management systems have been adapted to ethanol operations to assure cost effective, secure contract management, customer settlement, and comprehensive reporting.

Please contact Mark Simmons, 913-748-3051 or email Mark at for further details.