Products We Offer:


  • Railcars of ethanol are available to be shipped by The Andersons.
  • We ship on the NS & CSX rail lines.
  • We bottom load trucks (500 gallon minimum).
  • We supply a detailed certificate of analysis with each load.
  • We can arrange for delivery via truck or rail.
  • We offer spot, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual supply agreements.


  • We utilize E-85 computerized automated blending system for accuracy and to guarantee proper seasonal blending.
  • We blend natural gasoline as denaturant for E-85 blends, which allows for consistent blending and better control for knowing the exact blends and quality.
  • Our quality assurance program involves testing E-85 blends to assure customers are receiving on spec E-85.
  • We offer delivery and specific computerized blends for customers' special blending uses. Please contact John DiMartini for further information regarding E-85 at 800.537.3370, ext. 6491 or email John at

Corn Oil*

  • Works well in industrial, feed, biodiesel & renewable diesel applications.
  • Competitively priced against other alternative products and allows for better economics when compared to soybean oil.
  • Truck loading available at all plants.
  • Rail car loading available at our Clymers, IN plant (NSRR).

Please contact Brent Thober for pricing and quality history at 800.537.3370, ext. 4408 or email Brent at


We currently have a supply agreement with a major liquidified CO2 and dry ice provider that turns the CO2 into liquid CO2 for beverages as well as dry ice for food (frozen food, catering, etc.) and cleaning (ice blasting) applications.

*See our facilities page for product availability.